Essential accessories for windows and terrace doors.


We offer wooden internal sills (available in any colour) as well as external sills made of aluminium, stone or stone agglomerate. The wide variety of colours enables the matching of sills (aluminium and stone agglomerate) to the appearance of the window.

Mosquito screens

Available as fixed screens with the durable and easy-to-install frame structure, side-hung screens (for windows and doors – also custom-made to match non-standard dimensions), sliding screens (for terrace doors) and rolled-up screens. The latter can be integrated with the roller blind or function separately. We are able to produce a mosquito screen with non-standard dimensions and shapes. 

Façade blinds

An alternative to external roller blinds and perfect for the modern architecture. A wide variety of colours, panels and tongues facilitates the matching of the blinds and the building’s façade. It is possible to operate the blinds remotely, with the switch or automatically by programing the controller to react to weather conditions.


  • Vitra blinds
  • Mosquito screen



Vitra sills
Features of our sills:
  • Reliable materials of high quality
  • Wide variety of colours available
  • Resistant to weather


Mosquito screen
Features of our mosquito screens:
  • Compatible with any blinds (rolled-up). 
  • Quick installation 
  • Durability
  • UV and weather resistant material
Vitra blinds
Features of our blinds:
  • Minimal height of the set
  • Cord protectors
  • Wide variety of colours available
  • Manual or electrical drive
  • Internal application