Façade systems

The wood-and-aluminium façade based on posts and stiffeners is able to meet the highest demands of various styles of architecture.

Apart from the thin flush aligned post and stiffener profiles, other features of the system include almost excellent thermal insulation parameters.

Winter gardens

Let the sun in and enjoy the sunlight and the greenery, even in the middle of winter.

We build winter gardens to provide you with the place to relax and expand the living space of your house. It’s a great place to socialize in the open, even in the cloudy autumn and chilly winter.

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Vitra's facades
Unique colours

If you decide to choose our system of winter gardens, you do not have to worry about the aesthetics since the external elements can be painted in any RAL colour, thus being perfectly matched to the building’s façade.

winter gardens

The light construction let more light into the room, making the building’s form look delicate, while retaining its sturdiness and security for years to come.

Facade systems
Freedom of designing

Wood and aluminium give designers lots of freedom. Therefore, the shape and colour of the winter garden can be matched to almost any kind of building.