High-quality wood and reliable fittings, a wide variety of window panes and an unlimited assortment of colours. Meet the Vitra wooden windows.

We manufacture wooden windows of various shapes (rectangular, triangular, trapezoidal, polygonal, arcuate and circular), dimensions and forms,  both classically and modernly styled. Our offer includes: openable and fixed windows; frame and casement windows; single, double and multiple casement windows; hung, top-hung, sliding, folding and pivot windows. 


Profil Termo Plus
The TERMO Plus Profile

Excellent insulation

For passive and energy-efficient buildings.

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Profil Termo
The TERMO Profile

Ecology along with economy

For energy-efficient buildings. 

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Profil Classic
The CLASSIC Profile

Excellent parameters at low prices

The basic profile line and double glazing.

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Profil History
The HISTORY Profile

For historic buildings

Original shapes and a wide variety of accessories.

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